7 Biggest Blunders which almost all Online Marketing Experts do


Ignore this article only if you don’t do any mistakes in life!

7 Biggest Blunders which almost all Online Marketing Experts do!


The time fixed was evening 7 pm. It was 6 55 pm and Sam asked his driver to drive a bit faster. The rain was just about to come. Sam had many questions and confusions. More than surprised, he was jealous. He was going to meet James Smith.


James and Sam knew each other less professionally and more personally. Sam was a born rich lucky man. His father had a business which now he was handling. James used to work in Sam’s company as marketing manager many years before. James used to ask Sam for money whenever he needed. But now, the time has changed a lot. James had become a very successful and richest businessman and multi-millionaire. Sam was the same as he was ten years before! A contented millionaire!


As James was working for Sam, he knew in and out of his business. After a lot of follow ups, James had agreed to meet Sam at 7 pm at Coffee Café Day at Paldi Area in Ahmedabad. Sam wanted to know what was going wrong in his business. He wanted James to help him for the same.


Sam reached at the CCD shop and though that James would be late, but surprisingly, James was already there waiting. They greeted each other and sat on a table with three-piece luxurious sofa. They ordered the coffee of their choice and while James was more worried about which coffee would be the best for him, there Sam was curious to talk to him about real business. And yes, after talking few miscellaneous things, they came to the point.


Taking a deep sip of a hot coffee, James said, “You know Sam, the problem is not the business, the problem is in execution.”


Sam: I knew, you see I have spent almost 5 Lakhs in online digital marketing campaign but, I don’t see the dramatic change in my revenue figures. In fact, I am not happy with the output of digital marketing as what you say like.


James: Yeah you are right, I have studies all the campaigns and I would like to suggest you some deadly sins which you are committing while running your campaigns.


Sam: Wait, let me take out my diary and note it.




Most of the business people think that doing digital marketing is enough and that is actually welcoming revenues in the real sense. But at the end of the year, when they check it out, they are sad. But then they believe that that’s all. They don’t find more potential in the online campaign. Today I will tell you about 7 greatest blunders which generally all digital marketing consultants do.


Firstly, Never be an ostrich! Be a Jackal!


When I say this, I mean that ostrich is a satisfied and contented bird. It is always happy and pleased with whatever food it gets. While jackal is wise, clever and an opportunity seeker animal. If you live like an Ostrich, you are happy with whatever revenue you are earning. Business men are known for HUNGER! If you have earned 1 lakh from your online marketing campaign then try to identify where the scope is. There is always a space to do better, to grow and to develop further. Trust me Sam, you have never actually tried to go to that extent. Every business man wants to grow the business, wants to get multi-rich. But the consistent willingness is missing.


One needs to be stay informed about the new happenings in the market. Be innovative. You may get signed up with the blogging websites that talks about new articles and blogs which keeps you updated with the new arriving trends. Get you half an hour podcasted, learn new things every day, read some articles related to your business everyday this, will increase your practical knowledge. Also, make sure that you update you website every single day. Keep adding something or other and keep your website live and vibrant.


Sam: Oh, you mean that I have never paid attention to my website! You are right James.




Second problem is that sometimes, content makers make their content so rich in English, that normal people cannot understand the message. Don’t make your readers or visitors think a lot. Make your website as simple as possible. Let the affiliated blogging be done and use as much as informative theme as you can. You can also make a simple wordpress blog for free tips to your readers perhaps that would work a lot.


Nike Company gave a slogan for its company, “Just do it”. It is too simple to understand and easy to comprehend. Make your website design with a call to action button. Target your passion, target your visitors to your passion and then make them all feel simple and not complex. Make an e-book for FAQs and post it on your website. Let the things be in Question and Answer format, it will be simple for readers and easy to understand the message. Understand one thing, communicate as simply as you can!. Don’t show off your English skills, you are not an English teacher.


Whenever you are making any content always remember, you communication must be concrete, simple, easy to understand, message oriented, unambiguous, short and précis. You may not kill the time of a reader and surprise your viewers but an conclusion without a strong message.


Sam: “Correct, I have thought many a times to use words on my website that is rich in English, That’s my mistake I guess. Yeah, I like this point, go ahead!



The third mistake that every online digital expert do is that they are very poor in numbers. Perhaps, they suffer from Arithmophobia, ie. Fear of numbers. Master numbering skills. Get your Google Analytics report and study it. Track your analytical goals periodically. See how many people signed up, how many people bought your products, how many payments were made etc. check your monthly report. Also, keep an eye on your pay per click conversions, SEO Insights and Facebook Insights.


Make a table like this for your introspection:


  Cost Lead/Sales Cost per lead
Google 1000 150 6.67
Yahoo/Bing 1500 50 30
Face book 5000 250 20
Total 7500 450 56.67



When you make a table like this, you will understand what the exact figure is. You must know the cost you are putting for each of your lead. Sometimes, when you run several advertising campaigns on various social media platforms, you are nowhere coming out with an exact figure. Your online consultant will give you a rough idea on the basis of the total sales v/s expense made. But you need to get an exact idea on how much have you spent on each campaigns and what is the price per lead. You need to get exact number of leads and cost per lead on different social media.



Sam: “Incredible, I have never thought of it like the way you said. This would change the whole perspective of how I see towards my leads now!”



Yes, the fourth blunder which I see in digital marketing is being lazy. Many businessmen invest in online campaign without doing enough testing. Each word in online campaign that you write matters a lot. I believe that there must be at least 50 banners made first and then out of it, one banner which makes all-in-one message format must be finalized. This is how you justify. There has to be an aggressive approach before putting any campaign online. Think twice before you type each word while making your content in online campaign. As I said, each word matters a lot.


Sam: “I believe my team needs to understand this. Generally, we devote more time thinking on the aesthetics and sense rather than words and message!”



The fifth deadly mistake is being over-smart. Let’s understand one thing that Google has its algorithm and we all have to follow it blindly. There is not looking back on it. If you do not follow what Google wants, it will not crawl your website. Follow the Google terms and conditions. If you are not following it, you are sinking. Changing the algorithm can change the traffic as well. Thus stay updated. One needs to understand the real difference between high quality content v/s link quality. If you follow ‘penguins’ technique means putting bad links or putting bad website, you are gone. There are many Search Engine Optimization Experts who are master in getting illegal traffic. Google once recognizes it, it will never crawl back and then your campaigns are all dead! It will disapprove your accessibility and sometimes, Google may not ever inform you about it! So, don’t go for a quick wins, dot go for black hats and follow the terms of services.


Sam: “Well said, I think there are lots of thins which I have to change after listening to you. What are other mistakes which we need to focus on?


The sixth mistake is when businessman earns a lot of money; they tend to become casual, traditional and dumb. They believe that they have achieved the biggest victory and then they stop growing. This is common among all leaders. In case of digital marketing this is not the case. A business man has to constantly get updated with the current line of investigation. Make a list of your products and write for each product on each day and publish on your website. Learn to pivot. Keep moving; keep going.

ODEO was a top podcasting company earlier and they made an internal application to send messages to their users for free. This became a multi-billionaire company today known as twitter. Whenever you have a product and a company, think constantly about its growth, about innovation and learn new techniques. There are many digital marketing institutes in Ahmedabad that trains candidates for learning new methods of promoting a brand and its products online. Get signed up on various e-news letters and get updated with the latest marketing trends. If you want to grow, my dearest friend, then, sky is the limit!


Sam: you mean to say that I need keep myself updated with latest things in and out right! Damn right. I think you are absolutely correct. This is something I guess every digital marketer must understand. What’s the last blunder that every businessman makes?




Learning habits! Read books on corporate trends. See the last update you have made on your face book brand page. Check the number of people last visited on your website. Find out what all other competitors are doing in order to capture the market.


There was an athlete who was very good in playing Tennis. He made some tutorial videos and uploaded it on YouTube. He made a website and he made people register to his website through YouTube page. He sold online programs on how to learn Tennis and then he extended the same training module for other sports game as well. Within 3 years of time, it became a multi-billion dollar business. This is a live example, those who do not have office or a product in physical form, have also made up to millions. Why cant’ you?


Sam: Oh, Thank you very much James for these points, I am sure this notes which I am making will help many business people and online marketing experts to understand what mistakes they do in their business. Many a time, you have a good business and a good product, but if you do not have a real time expertise on how to market your offerings in right way, you end up making a mess. When there are companies spending lakhs of rupees in branding and promotion, these tips will open eyes of many people.



Of course Sam, the problem with business man is not the lack of capital; the problem is unequal distribution of resources, untimely advertisement campaigns and injudicious strategic decisions. Each and individual has the potential to develop the business to maximum capacity. But, they fail to achieve their highest efficiency due to various reasons. These seven major blunders will help each digital marketing company to understand what mistakes they are doing and will help them not to commit this, there saving their time, money and efforts!













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