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As per the latest survey, there has been a noticeable increase in people investing in digital marketing in the year 2016-2017. This would be an eye-opener for those who are still thinking of whether they should get into digital marketing background or what.

There have been lots of articles available on the internet, but today we are going to unfold the deepest crux and top most secrets on cracking the critical challenges in the simplest mode.

The biggest challenge today is everybody who knows a bit about digital marketing becomes the king in the field of social media marketing. And the real problem is that there are thousands of kings in the market, to the state of confusion that who will actually rule the plethora!

The process of digital marketing in ahmedabad is very dynamic in its real sense. One must be very pragmatic in order to use it to make it a right decision at the end of the day. There are many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ which needs to be taken care of. There is no one standard process. All experts have their own different opinions on digital marketing strategies as per their understanding and experiences. At the time when you make any decision, you need to understand your business need and then must get into any decision. It may also happen that you are earning and you feel that it is good, but it may be less in actual comparison to your rival firms, or may be less in its actual potential.

Let us understand first that the buying journey has changed totally. We know that the entrepreneurs smartly have moved on from traditional marketing to digital marketing. There is a large portion of business people who have actually moved online to get their products and services sold in open market. Unlike what happened in past, the selling preposition campaigns has shifted gradually, slowly and steadily from television sets to mobile phones and other technological devices. Most of the things which were only available in market place have started to be available online at various social media platforms.

According to “The Wall Street Journal”, most of the business people have shifted their selling prepositions from television advertisements into mobile phones. Unites States has seen a noticeable difference in it!

B2B and B2C channels have accepted the fact that digital marketing is the only way that can make their selling process easy and cost effective. They have been trying since long to capture the market but just in vain. The introduction and domination of digital marketing has been proven as boon full for most of the sales people. Generating leads have been the biggest challenge for B2B channel market which has become easy through digital marketing.

There have been many international companies who has applied and earned a lot through digital marketing like:

  • BEHR – US based company for architectural paint & exterior wood care products
  • Infinity Replacament Windows – For windows and doors
  • James Hardie- Ireland Co. Specializing in fibre cement products
  • Leaf Guard – for good housekeeping services
  • Basement Finishing System Services – multiple companies doing digital marketing
  • Kohler Generators – Kohler Co. – US based – for plumbing fixtures, engines and generators
  • Watkins Wellness – US based – active lifestyle and health conscious products
  • Red Wing Shoes – American footwear company
  • HOHLER – US based kitchen, bath and decorative interior products
  • Bentley –British company for High end cars
  • Burberry – for premium watches, England based company
  • Louis Vuitton – France (Paris) based fashion brand company
  • Tiffany & Co. – France based Company for precious jewelleries & fashionable products
  • Chanel – Coco Chanel’s Co., France based fashion & luxury brand

To keep you out from the dilemma, here we are unbuttoning the few important tips that would help you to do digital marketing in the best possible and optimal way.


 Adidas advertisements will no longer be seen in any physical format or in television. Mr. Kasper Rorsted, the CEO of this company has declared that Adidas will only go for digital marketing. It will move only on various digital platforms and channels. Mobile is the device which he is targeting to shift all his advertisement campaigns into.

 The above mentioned lines make it loud and clear that the impact of digital marketing is spectacular and company giants have started changing their major business decisions by focusing more and more on digital marketing campaigns.  

 Now, as we have understood the impact of digital marketing, let us understand the ways where we can unlock the chain.

1) Understand your real buyers:

It is not just easily said than done! You have to build the customer forum first and then you start representing your products. For making any marketing strategy, you need to make a string base. Either offline or online, you must be clear about who are your real customers. There are certain questions which you need to analyze first.

  • Which market segment do you use? B2B or B2C?
  • Are you selling premium products or basic utilities one?
  • Your offering falls in high end product or low end product?
  • How often does your target audience use internet?
  • Where do your target audience generally reside?
  • Which age group do your clients belong to?
  • What job title do your clients generally have?
  • What income group does your cliental list fall into?
  • What hobbies/interests do your clients have?
  • How often your product does get used? (frequency of re-buying phase)

You may need to do a small research of the above bullet points. You may take surveys, get questionnaires filled, and get poll marked or any other means where you get an idea of the above concerns. You may not just get around with a little information that you have about your offerings.

2) Tools for digital marketing

 First and for most you need to make a goal that how much of your sales are you planning to boost by applying digital marketing strategies in your advertisement campaigns. Once that is decided, you need to ensure which tools you are going to use to boost your services. There are many tools available but which sets as per your nature and size of business is the main concern.


There are various methods such as:

  • Display retargeting
  • Email marketing
  • Organic social media
  • Paid social media
  • Programmed advertisements
  • Video marketing
  • Website marketing
  • Website analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Many more

Details of various tools used by various digital marketers:


  • Organic social media tools – sprout social, Wyng, Woobox
  • Paid social media tools – Nanigans, FB Power editor, twitter Naive
  • Email marketing – Mailchimp, Emma, Marketo, Getresponse,
  • Display retergetting – Adrolls, Retargeter
  • Programmed Advertisement – choicestream, rocketfuel,
  • Website testing tools – unbounce, oracle maxymiser, optimizely, VWO
  • Video hosting tools sites – Wistia, Vimeo
  • Content creation tools – Landscape by Sprout Social, Canva,
  • Content curation tools – Feedly,, Kapost
  • Website analytics tools – Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Woopra
  • Customer Service Tools – Zendesk, Uservoice Helpdesk, Livechat
  • SEO Tools – Moz, SEMRush, Screaming Frog
  • Affiliate Marketing Tools – CJ Affiliate, Viglink, Rakuten

3) Examine your actual digital campaign

You need to get things assured that which media platforms are giving you what proportion of revenue exactly. What sort of media are you getting into? Owned media, earned media, or paid media. You can get expert consultancy from any digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad.

All things that you have spent money for and that is working for you on digital platforms are all your owned media. Many off-site writings that you might not have published or have published earlier are included in it. Your website, your blogs articles, your owned channels etc are included in it.

The impression and credibility that you have been bestowed come under earned media. This comes from mouth-to-mouth publicity. Your post in some other official website, your some Public relation work or testimonials including your company or brand names are all that fall under earned media.

For something that you are paying right now may be termed as paid media. Your all sponsored posts and local advertising or listing optimization etc comes under this umbrella. This majorly include Google Adwords, local advertising, paid social media posts etc. This is what you have paid for its VISIBILITY.

4) Exploit your Owned Media Resources

You may be getting ready to pay more for some new content creation. But hold! Wait a minute! Just check your stock! Check your computer / laptop files. Do you have something already created before that can help you?

When you have already paid earlier for something that you have in your stock, lets use it now optimally. The idea is to make sure that every message that you give to audience, muse be like an old wine in a new bottle. Make your ‘about us’ page more vibrant. Make changes in your ‘product description’ category. Make things look in creative Infographic pattern and let the design speak more than letters. Keep this doing on regular serious intervals. Your content will make all your viewers to get into SALES mode. Make a list of things which you have with your for your company. Try using all different content at different times. Split your marketing activities as per your content availability and judiciously run your campaigns.

Make a plan for creating creative contents and hire experts if you cannot do it by yourself. You can make excel sheet with dates, content and budget lines to make your campaign better thought-out, economical and judicious.

5) Account it

 Get your paid media accounted and check it out which tools have given you the optimal output. Find out your all previous campaigns and analyze them acutely looking into every bits and pieces of it. You can get such information from various tools.


Get the analysis report and plan things accordingly. Find out the real statistics and understand how your advertisement campaign helps you. Look into the figures of conversions and metrics. Check out the site usage and try to interpret it by LOOK N LEAP principle. This will help you to make further decisions and will help you to make mistakes.

6) Planning

This is the most important step. Normally, most of the digital marketing experts plan their campaigns in the first stage and then they keep on controlling the deviations. Rather, once the reports of Google analytics are there in front of you, you can audit and plan for your next advertisement campaign. Explore each available social media platforms like Google Adwords, FB, Twitter etc. Understand which media will help you meet your goals and eliminate all things which have been done with no serious impacts on results. This planning will help you spend less and will make you take decisions judiciously and systematically. By this, you will get clear idea of which platforms and activity helps you to reach towards your goal.

7) Make it a persistent process

Most of business people do this activity for short time. This is the biggest challenge of social media marketing. PATIENCE is the only one word to get the unexpected results. The digital strategy works, but the result comes late. You need to leverage any activity in a term of 6 months, 12 months, 18 months or 24 months. This will give your results unmatchable. Most of the entrepreneurs want returns exactly from the next month of investment. This is not possible in terms of digital marketing. Continuous efforts must be put on for a longer period of time to get the best result.

The attempt was made to make sure that the readers implement the right strategy and right way to implement digital marketing tips. Many a time, investment is done, returns also come, but it is not justified. The attempt here is to make sure that the entrepreneurs don’t waste their hard earned money in giving it a project to newly learned digital marketing expert. Most of the companies help you to get your products or services lined up digitally, but that’s not enough! There is always something incomplete, and the search of that incomplete makes you successful!

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