6 Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies you should apply in 2019



Due to innovation in technology marketing is changing faster day by day. Businesses that moves faster continue to gain more customer and profits as slow mover get left behind.

Which marketing trends will be most important to your business in the year head?

It’s important to ask if you want to survive in this world where things are changing at a speed of thought. If you are a business owner who want to stay at the top or a student who want to know more about Digital Marketing this Guide is for you.

This Guide will cover most important Digital Marketing Trends and Strategies you should apply in 2019.


  1. Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Email Marketing has been the most popular tool for a long time.

 How would Email Marketing benefit your business

If you want to your email to be open by most of your customer, you need to add personalise touch in your every email to send.

Now you can send a different email to different people based on the interest.

Personalisation will make your email more effective. Using Email Marketing as lead nurturing and customer engagement will provide you more results.



  1. Omni Channel Marketing.

The customer is more complex than ever before. multichannel marketing was introduced which enable customers to speak with organisations through different channels. Still, Organisation is not able to solve customer problem through multichannel marketing.

So for a better result, Omnichannel Marketing come in existence. The Main aim of Omni Channel Marketing is to keep track on customer even they communicate with your organisation through different channels and it also impressed customer as you are paying attention to them

How would Omni Channel affect your business?

Omni channel will ensure that you do not call the same person multiple time however give him attention which would give a better conversion rate to your leads. This is one of the latest digital trend you can utilise to market your product and gives value to the services you allow them to render. 

  1. Chatbots

What are humans? We are social animals we like when people talk or respond instantly. It’s not possible to stay active all the time. This is your saviour because when your viewers visit your website they want attention. Chatbots will do the job for you. It will respond in a very formatted way but that will do the thing for you cause you will get the lead you want.

How will Chatbot affect your business?

Chatbot will decrease your bounce rate on your website. What is bounce rate? Bounce rate is the rate of how long a viewer stays and your website, the lower the bounce rate the more inquiries. If there is a Chatbot that will respond to the viewer this would ensue a much lower bounce rate which will lead to more queries and generate higher revenue for your company.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP and PWA

Search engines fuel on traffic and almost 60% of that traffic is generated from mobile phones hence it’s very important for your website or page to have a mobile version and be user-friendly to a

How would accelerated mobile page affect your business?

  • Minimized Loading Time: Website visitors want a fast website and for them to loads faster than your average mobile site. And faster than a basic mobile native app. This is exactly what Google loves to see, thus improving your SEO visibility.
  • Perfect Website Experience: A Progressive Web App gives users a better experience than through a simplistic mobile site that may not have all of the features they’re looking for.
  • User download not needed: All your users will have a one-stop solution and will be very satisfied with your business or organization.
  1. Video

The world around is surrounded with apps like netflix, prime video, facebook live video, youtube and many more. Why are these trending? You have the answer it’s video people grasp and attract what they see more than what they read.


How will using video benefit your business?

The video will create a user interface. It is very important in digital marketing for your user to feel connected to your website or the organisation. This would also give you a higher ranking on google as videos are an important aspect of SEO





  1. Voice Search

The technology has increased and upgraded massively hence voiceover is like a perfect way to ease work for the human which is going to attract a lot of users to your website. Based on the studies voice commerce was a 1.8 million dollars and that’s in the U.S. and $200 million in the U.K. in 2018. This value is going to rise up to $40 billion in the U.S. and $5 billion in the U.K. by 2022.


Would this affect your business?

Voice search is easier: It’s going to make our life’s easier for all of us who prefer talking rather than type. With voice command, you can still type while walking without breaking your stride with minimized effort. Voice search is faster, people usually have a faster speaking time compared to typing. This would also identify their spelling errors, voiceovers is the perfect tool to your problem.

I would suggest you take practical learning as well with the blog in an institute. Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing does 100% practical studies which would really help you these latest marketing strategies and trends you should focus on in 2019.

How Voice Search can affect your Business?

  • People use voice search to find things near you.
  • People use Voice search to find your something in your industries.
  • People use Voice search to shop online.

Creating your Website More Voice Command Friendly can make your business ready to get viewed in SERP and will help you to make your Website Content ready for future search trend.

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