What is Amazon Trained e-Commerce Specialist and How to earn it.


Why should you get ATES certified?

To begin with, it is very important to have certifications and yes here we are talking about AMAZON certification. There could be a lot of new openings for you after completing this course. I am going to include everything you need to know about ATES to get certified.


What is ATES – Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist?

Amazon has been constantly making efforts to grow business all over the world, the motive behind  Amazon Trained E-Commerce Specialist (ATES) is to help you with your daily business requirements. Amazon value your business and its requirements, to give you personalized care and render services that are beneficial for your business to grow. They strive to provide expert help and correct knowledge about the marketplace and the business community.

As we all are aware, there a lot of people who started selling their products on Amazon and are facing many problems as it’s their startup the only way to get the help is to have the correct knowledge about the business and its community. They offer complete e-commerce support and provide services right from Registration of your business and adding cataloging, listing, order management, account health management, sponsored Ads, online promotions, day to day operations and much more on Amazon.in. The motive is to help you to grow your business and we do all the best possible ways and give expert advice that directly related to your product and business.

This is a life-changing certification that can give you access to many new opportunities, most importantly you don’t have to wait for months to complete. You can get this done in 2 days by just connecting to the one and foremost institute in Gujarat; Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing.


Yes! You read it correctly Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing is now officially the certified training partner for Amazon.


Why ASDM – Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing?

ASDM is now an official training partner for AETS, which means you could just come to the institute get your self registered to attend the two-day class and get Amazon E-commerce Training Certification. This would lead you to up to 50,000 + salary per month and would benefit you in many ways, moreover Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing provides complete training at the institute and ensure you get the certification done. This would be the best platform to start a new E-commerce business. This certification would work like the license to sell your products online on www.amazon.in.


Modules Covered

  1. Business Registration – This would register your business on Amazon.in with an Expert.
  2. Brand Registry – They provide your brand authorization and copyright for your business.
  3. Category Approval – They ensure that your product is based according to your category and to get your product approved.
  4. GTIN/EAN/ASIN Exemption – All products need to be GSTIN & ASIN approved to be listed on amazon.com.
  5. Product Photoshoot – They click expertise pictures for your product that would help you get the viewers attention towards your product and enable you to make sales easier.
  6. Market Analysis – They will provide you business analysis so that you can use your strength to create a place in the market. It will also help you get an analytical review.
  7. Product Pricing – They help you choose the right selling price for your product so that you don’t lose out on profit the analyze your product costing and all the other charges and choose the correct price for your product.
  8. Sponsored Products – They will teach you how to sponsor your product or promote it and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your add.
  9. Amazon Global Selling – You can sell products all over the world operating from India.
  10. Product Listing – They provide a lot of attributes that are required for your product.


In sequence to conclude my blog, I would strongly suggest the digital marketers, entrepreneurs to take your Amazon E-Commerce Training Certification and make a step towards your bright future. ASDM strives to bring awareness about digital marketing and new concepts around it.

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