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Today the world is on an orbit shifting mode. India, being a developing nation, lots of alterations is welcomed by business people. India’s market is free and dynamic. In this biggest open market economy everything is changing from ground level. Be it in the field of medical, science, arts of technology. Along with these changes, if today’s business man will not keep updated, t will be detrimental to his occupation. The thing is not about risks and uncertainties. The thing is about innovation and adapting with it. Those who are able to understand the change and are able to keep track with the changes occurring instantly, they are able to eliminate risk factors. The concern is not the change, but the concern is about those who are not able to match with the changing trends in India. Before 50 years, marketing work was only done by the rich business tycoons. Today marketing has become a point of survival. And unlike what was happening a decade ago, new methods of marketing is launched and practiced universally and accepted by most people doing business. Physical marketing was the way how most of business man sells their products and services. Now, a trend of digital marketing has come into existence.


Any product which is salable is promoted in the market place with all its details and advantages to right people at right time with right price is called marketing. As per the economic terms, market is a place where buyers and consumers come into contact directly or indirectly for any product, services or agencies. This is a market place. Here four important factors that matters a lot is price, place, promotion and physical distribution. The study of demand over supply is must and then only the marketing strategies can win. Marketing is an activity in short that boosts the demand in the market and thereby increasing overall sales, revenue and profit. Every business man is indulged in marketing activity either directly or indirectly. Either in verbal form or non-verbal form. The important part to understand here is that most of the companies have their budget fixed to spend on marketing activities annually. As per the budget, the promotion of the product is made. Some run TV Advertisements, some put up hoardings on major cross roads, some comes out with attractive offers while some companies will distribute their pamphlets or leaflets outside colleges.  Marketing activity has become most important part of any business activity in today’s corporate world.

Digital Marketing:

One we have understood marketing, now the method of marketing is important to understand. There are two major types of marketing. 1. Physical marketing and 2. Digital marketing. The first type of marketing, i.e. physical marketing is described in the above definition of marketing, but any marketing which is made online is called as digital marketing. Here marketing is done with the help of electronic devices like computers, laptops, mobile phones etc. using internet facilities. You are planning to reach your target audience with the help of devices and the visitors online are interested to buy your products and services through content marketing, this is called digital marketing. This includes research, services, analysis, target, content, website etc. digital marketing is not just creating awareness among the targeted audience, but it is all about increasing demand of your products and selling your services online. It needs intelligent marketing strategies to execute and there are many digital marketing experts who can help you increase your business through innovative digital marketing strategy. Today, digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad has become urgent need of business hours.



There are many institutions which help in executing a digital marketing program for your products and services. They also provide the courses which will be helpful in understanding the basics of digital marketing, how to do it, how to market you products or services online, how to sell your offering online and other important things. This course helps business man to customize the strategy as per the nature and size of the business unit. When you hire a digital marketing expert, it may be very expensive to provide salary to these professionals every month. To be more practical, there are business people who instead of hiring digital marketing professionals, they learn the tactics of digital marketing themselves and implement the same on their website as per their budget. This makes the process easy, economical and time saving.


Most of the best digital marketing course in Ahmedabad focuses on inculcating tactics, strategies and techniques which may prove beneficial for the business people. These courses may be in the form of class room training as well as online training. Most of people favor class room training as it is easy to communicate with the trainers personally. These institutes are providing certifications after the successful completion of the program which is helpful on any professional platforms. Not only businessman, a fresher also can think to take up this course as this course guarantees job opportunities and employability. Those who are planning to make their career in digital marketing can learn the lessons and they can start their own business in future.

About ASDM – Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing:


Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing provides exclusive and excellent training programs on digital marketing. With an idea to help people increase their sales digitally, ASDM was established in 2009 in Ahmedabad by its founder Mr. Love Tyagi. Having set up under the roof of Elite Website Designs, ASDM has turned out to be a magical platform that transforms common individuals into digital professionals. The organization has a strong team that works with a vision to renovate the marketing commotions. With a practical concepts and live case-studies, it provides the most helpful training that significantly guarantees any business firm or individual to market their products or services digitally. It has helped several corporate companies build up brands and awareness. It provides certificates after the completion of the program with 100% placement assistance.


About the courses:


We have introduced various courses helpful for people from various arenas. A fresher, a student, a business man or an IT graduate – every-one can join these programs as per their suitability.


Course name – Advanced Digital Marketing Program

Duration – 90 hours

Investment – Rs. 25,000 + Taxes applicable


Details of the course:


This course will be taught which will include practical case studies based on live projects. It will be in a series of lectures and discussions, projects and assignment, case study and exercise, live project training, presentations and workshops & interview training and placement opportunities. Our team of dedicated professionals will help in one to one mentoring and it will lead to 100% output in each participants.



Topics covered:


The program focuses more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical studies. It will focus on live case studies, current business trends and research analysis. The program will include digital marketing basics, website planning and development, Google analytics, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing and many other concepts helpful to boost online awareness. This course will include all that will help you increase your knowledge in creating brand awareness, lead generation online.


Why should you join this course?


This program offers 100% job guarantee. We have associated with many IT and Non – IT Companies who are in need of digital marketing professionals. After successful completion of this program, you will be certified with various authentic acknowledgements. This program is based on live projects and current trends in corporate. Thus it gives you practical understanding about the present real marketing situations. This is the most advanced module available in Ahmedabad. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who are associated with digital marketing field since years. We provide you material which is the most updated one, which can help you understand the factual market scenario. The infrastructure of the institute itself motivates you to be expert and the ambience provide at the institution in indeed elite. This course is taught be experts from the field of IT who have worked for many companies in areas of digital marketing.


Important for business owners


Whether you are into a small business or giant business, marketing is necessary to exist. This program gives delightful opportunities to business people who want to grow their business online. Increase your sales and revenue figures through innovative methods of digital marketing. Many business owners have developed their business through this program. This course gives you time flexibility to learn the program at your time convenience making it easy for business professionals to learn. We also provide in-house training program for the staff people in corporates. You can bring your business to great heights through this innovative digital marketing program.


Important for students/marketing managers and IT Professionals


Students who are studying graduation can learn this program of digital marketing and can get certificate after the completion of this course. They can make their career as digital marketing expert and can work for any companies. Also, you can start your own business free-lancing digital marketing professional and earn as per your time-comfort. This course offers you 100% job assistance.

For those who are already working professionals, they can increase their area of expertise in the field of digital marketing. IT professionals have the most advantages as they are more connected with various IT Companies. This program will help you earn more, learn more and be an expert in this field.



Job opportunities after this Course


For those who are planning to make their career in the field of digital marketing, this course is a boon for them. There are various posts which they can get on the basis of their expertise. The salary range depends on the individual performance and individual dedication.


  • Social Media Analyst – you can work as social media expert and can earn 25k to 35k per month.
  • PPC Analyst – this post can make you start with 18k to 25k per month salary. Later, you can grow to senior PPC expert and can earn 35 to 40k per month after 2 years of exhaustive experience.
  • Digital Marketing Executive – you become a lion’s share in digital marketing field. Your earning may depend on your capabilities ranging from 20 k to 30 k per month as per your skills.
  • SEO Executive – you become manager who operates Search Engine operations. Your salary may differ from one company to another. It may be in a range of 21k to 30k per month.
  • Free-lancing digital marketer– you can take up projects as per your time availability. You earning may be project based. Your monthly remuneration may be depending your work and performance ranging from 40 k to 75k per month.





The program which we are offering is highly unmatchable and one of its kind. There are only few institutes in Ahmedabad who provides training on such a large scale.


Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing focuses on deliberate results. Many companies have been benefitted through our innovative assignments and result oriented performance. Many professionals have settled out of India because of innovative learning they have procured from this institution.


Many companies have understood the need of the digital marketing. Many business owners have started their business on a very small scale and today they have reached the heights of success through this digital marketing secret. This method is very easy to execute, easy to understand and also judiciously economical. You just have to learn the tactics and methods to execute it. Then you brilliant implementation at right time with right people with right pricing will make all difference.

In this competitive era, it is the right time to diversify the marketing method and loo for some other blue-ocean strategy. You may be spending lots of money in conducting marketing activities, but if you are not focusing on digital marketing, everything will be fruitless.


For more information regarding this program, you can feel free to contact at with your contact details and we shall soon get back to you!

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