Blogging – The key factor of successful Digital Media Marketing


Blogging is slow but most important things to get success into Digital Marketing field. It is something you have to keep patience since long but once it starts repaying it will become your primary source of traffic, leads, conversion and Money. Yes “Money” also. I will explain it later in this blog.

  • After reading this post you will fall into one of these categories
  • You have never tried blogging
  • You tried but after few you left
  • Due to low traffic or no result you stopped writing blogs.

After reading this post i am sure you will again motivate to writing the blog. It is saying in Digital Marketing World “If you are avoiding blogging then you are avoiding you business.” Just think blogging can give you hard cash…means the more you will write, more you will get business and this is fact. As research says who are focused on blogging they are having more 13 times more business. It’s 13 times….now think who’s turnover is in crore.

Blogging is something planting a tree….its take time but once it start producing fruits it give you till many –many years without asking anything from you.

There are many benefits through blogging like

  • High Traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Increase fan clubs
  • It gives you surprise sale
  • And yes high lead conversions
  • Huge cash income


  • High Traffic: – few years back I met with one of my friend who is running an educational institute in Ahmedabad. He called me asked me about fix a meeting over coffee for help his start-up venture through digital marketing. He was much tensed because he was starting this venture with very low marketing budget. I asked him to follow some basic rules of Digital Marketing and specifically Blogging. Initially he was not agree with me and not taking blogging seriously and was more focused about SEO. I asked him to just follow my advice for a year along with other Digital Marketing techniques; if you will not get any benefits then I will handle your Digital Marketing campaign free of cost for a year to see my confidence he agreed and usually write almost 4-5 blogs per months since last couple of years now.

I met him again after almost 3 years and now his venture comes into top 3 brands of his product segment in Gujarat. I asked him about blogging result and he was amaze to see the result he got after some times through blogging. He said that website is getting tremendous traffic from blogging and this traffic gives him lots of business through lead generation techniques. His website is on top position and people are coming from different- different parts of country. There are many examples of similar results those are getting a huge traffic through blogging. Even now he has took training from one of the best digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad “Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing” (

Now when you write a blog and submit it to search engine you are not just writing it for your knowledge or existing customers but many other people wants information related to your topics. I always give advice to writing a blog and do some research before writing it that what kind of information people are searching on Google. You can find this on Google keyword research tools.


  • Lead Generation: – Blogging is one of the biggest tools for lead generation for much organization. Blogs are a great tool to boost your digital campaign, making it more noticeable and “findable” on Google. Blog can also be a primary way to leads generation. A company’s blog can work as a type of triage for your marketing team, fielding and answering questions organically via the content you produce there. However, it can perform that function only if you properly make momentum with website visitors who are likely to buy, turning them from mere passersby into something more like your customer.


  • Make your blog important part of your website: – A visitor’s first visit with your company might be through a blog post. He or she might never land on your main site’s homepage, so link your blog visually (mirroring the navigation and design of your main site) as well as technically. Maintain the blog as a sub-domain of your main domain (something like versus putting it on a separate domain entirely. Blogging on the same domain that hosts your company site ensures that all inbound links to blog pages also juice up the search mojo of your main site.


  • Show up: – more than Half of blogging is regularity, or just viewing up on a regular basis. (Naturally, the other half is writing superb post!) You don’t have to write blog post on each day, but you do have to create a fix timetable that’s sustainable for you. Recruiting a freelancer content writer or a internal staff writer can help. Particularly if you are a reluctant writer. But if you can’t pay for that, use an editorial calendar to plan a posting.




  • Offer subscription services.Allow your visitors to subscribe and get something extra from just visiting to website, Also to get regular updates to your blog via e-mail and RSS. Essentially, every time you publish a post, a subscriber is notified to check it out. Plug-ins to allow subscription options are likely available for your blogging platform of choice (most e-mail marketing providers offer plug-ins that can be integrated into WordPress and other blogging platforms to turn your blog into a comprehensive list-building system). There are also a number of third-party services that can collect names and contact info for you. Feed Blitz and Google Feed Burner are both free services.


  • Increases fan club: – This is something very important part of blogging you make your fan trough writing your thoughts. This is something you put your thoughts in words and some people agreed with you and they want to hear more from you. Once you have your fan club you can communicate with them any time through multiple ways. Also your fan club may become your customer tomorrow.


  • It gives you surprise sale:- Yes this is something very motivating for businesses and other people who wants some reasons for writing a blog. Blog may give you surprise sale. It works like a sign board out of your shop. Someone is searching for your service and suddenly he finds your sign board and make a purchase. Same blog can do for you. If someone is searching for information, product or service and he/she land on your blog and come on your landing page for purchase and they can make immediate purchase or they can refer someone who is interested to buy.


About the author :-

Love Tyagi is an Internet Marketing Consultant and having 7+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. He has consulted more than 500+ big brands and many individual and Political parties for digital marketing. He has also trained many students, job seekers, entrepreneurs, Sales -Marketing people and CEO from different -different companies. He is also speaker and author for Digital Marketing. He is also leading trainer of Digital Marketing Training institute in Ahmedabad(Ahmedabad School of digital Marketing)

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