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  • Time changes, everything changes. As per one article, if you have missed what has happened in last two months, you are lagging behind genuinely. India has been adapting which sea long changes since years. If we look at the time-machine we will understand that year 1990 to 2000 was an era of software and hardware, 2000 to 2010 was a Bloomberg time for BPO/KPO companies. 2010 to 2015 was a time of applications and social media platforms and 2016 onwards; it is an era of digital marketing. Time changes, everything changes.
  • As per one article, if you have missed what has happened in last two months, you are lagging behind genuinely. India has been adapting which sea long changes since years. If we look at the time-machine we will understand that year 1990 to 2000 was an era of software and hardware, 2000 to 2010 was a Bloomberg time for BPO/KPO companies. 2010 to 2015 was a time of applications and social media platforms and 2016 onwards; it is an era of digital marketing. Many multinational companies are hiring IT Professionals and majority companies’ demand is in the field of digital marketing.
  • LinkedIn is set to recruit 1200 IT people this year. Also, Microsoft has shown a plan to hire 1000 IT professionals within the next quarter. This shows that the demand of IT professionals is upcoming and is going to take lion’s share in the market very soon. So there is no doubt whether there will be any threat if any one undertakes digital marketing as career opportunities. The best part is that there is very less competition in this field. There are very less people who actually know about the availability of digital marketing as a career objective. The earning aspects are also very bright here. Unlike any other professional exploitation is not possible in this field.
  • A person will be paid as per his contribution and creativity. Now the question is what type of job can you expect if you are planning to get in to digital marketing field?If you choose digital marketing as your career, you can pick up any of the following positions.- Digital marketing executive- Digital marketing manager- Creative content manager- Content writer- Inbound marketing executive- Social media marketing executive/manager- Search Engine Marketer/Executive- Director – SEO department- Conversion rate optimizer- Copy writers- Director – online marketing


Companies using digital marketing:

  • Normally digital marketing is a learning process which is helpful in all sectors of the economy. In simple words, anyone who wants to increase the business can go for digital marketing campaigning. The need of hours says that many companies’ hires full time digital marketing experts to focus on online marketing on daily basis. As per the 2014 Marketing research published by one Research Company, majority companies who recruited maximum digital marketing experts were in the field of FMCG, Agencies, Foreign Direct Investment companies, financial organizations and insurance companies. You can choose digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad for best digital marketing course in Ahmedabad. These are those companies, who have to choose other way from traditional way of marketing their products or services due to cut-throat competition. For them, digital marketing is like a boon. Hardly will you find any multi- national companies where there will be no space for marketing their products, services or offerings on digital platforms. Digital marketing has become a choice for many leading top companies. Now a day’s entrepreneurs have realized that earning can be multiplied with this source. What you need is just a proper implementation of strategies, tactics and methodologies. You can make miracles if you follow the process in the right manner.

Surprising facts before you know any other thing related to digital marketing:

– India has broken the records of USA and Brazil in July 2017 as per Facebook. It says that India is ranking ahead in terms of using Internet having 241 million people making the testimony. The analyst says is the same trend continues, then Indian internet traffic will be around 300 times the entire Indian internet from last 15 years in 2021. Also, since last 5 years, Indian Internet has grown at 32% compared to last statistics. Many surveys have interpreted that 2 billion networked devices will be connected with internet in 2021. Also, IP traffic will reach 5 gigabyte per person as per the current usage.

The amazing thing is that around 80% of people accessed internet through their mobile devices. Indian is ranking first as far as highest users of internet through mobile devices as compared to other developing countries.



  • Now once you have gone through the ‘ifs and buts’ of the career aspects of the digital marketing, you need to understand that what makes you fulfill to get into this field. What are the key points or what is the basic knowledge one must have in order to get into digital marketing field. After analyzing lot of surveys and observations from experts, one must know few things in order to take a deep dive in digital marketing field. One must be aware about Network, internet, mobile technology, social media, apps, live streaming, mobile marketing, blogs, e-commerce, followers, Search engine optimization, ratings, aggregates, likes, creators, banner, search, keywords, subscriptions, e-mail marketing, photo sharing, SEM, videos, reviews, viral marketing etc.If you are a fresher, you don’t need to worry. You just need to have some basic skills knowledge if you are planning to make your career bright in the field of digital marketing.

 4 Important tips for those who are a fresher:

1) You don’t need to be a William Shakespeare in English if you want to be a digital marketing expert. Your English must be good, easily understandable and you must know using right word at right time.

2) You don’t need to be a developer. You just need to know basics of WordPress operation.

3) You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer, but you must be good in understanding colors, contrast and visual work.

4) You cannot learn digital marketing by reading books. You will learn tactics only if you have executed it. So after learning, keep doing!

– Organizational chart is very important to understand if you are planning to make Digital Marketing as you career choice. The authorities and responsibilities can be understood from the assignment of roles and responsibilities among the employees. Generally, companies have a title called Director of Digital marketing department, who is considered as a white elephant of the company. Under him, there are content writers, inbound marketers, SEO experts and social media managers assisting the leader or the head of digital marketing department. Under them come people from the area of content writers, graphic designers, data entry operators, copy writers and other IT Professionals.

– One thing is very clear that those who has understood the importance of digital marketing, those are the only people who have actually made miracles. If you don t have any strategy to sell your products or services digitally, your customers are definitely going to buy products from your competitors. As per one records mentioned in Times, more than 1.5 lakhs people in India will be getting jobs in the field of IT in various different categories.
– Remuneration:Normally the people, who are working in the field of digital marketing, are remunerated on the basis of their skills and creativity. There is no thumb rule for the pay packages. It rises from time to time on the basis of experience, contributions and inventiveness. But in any case, the Cost to Company goes from 5 lakhs per annum to 40 lakhs per annum. Again, as mentioned that there is no fixed pay scale, one may be getting higher packages on the basis of skill, art and innovativeness. Sometimes, it may be possible that a starter can earn much more than the one who is working since long. It all depends on the curiosity level, dedication level and the willingness to grow ahead in the field.


Why should one make career in digital marketing?

  • Accelerate the business growth:Whether you are working for somebody’ business or you are working for your own business. If you know the tactics of digital marketing, you will make the revenue figure increased dramatically. All you need to understand is the some basic strategies which will help the organization achieve high targets. Enhance your identity differently:When you are a certified trainer, you make your identity differently. You become a professional unique from other professionals. For an example, see a doctor, there are many doctors and the competition is tough. Same way in case of a chartered accountants or MBAs, same competition exists. But if you are working as a certified digital marketing expert, you can achieve all good projects of good companies and you can earn good. The most important part of this profession is that you don’t need to have a huge investment or capital. You can start with few basic resources like a laptop, internet and few basic IT proficiency. Work on live projects:You are not dealing with dead products; you are dealing with live projects.
  • This experience makes you learn lots of things in dynamic manner. You get real time situational benefits and you get ready for all challenges. These live projects will prepare you for many challenging tasks and will help you be expert into your own field. REAL life case studies:Working with various companies with different projects with different nature and size of business unit will make your experience rich and potential. When working for different situation, you get used to solve the complexities and you become a real time trouble shooter. In a long run, you can take up lots of freelancing top corporate projects and you can work as a consultant. Also, for different marketing campaigns, you will able to give lots of ideas for its execution. Your strategy building activity will become very strong and hence, you will be the master of digital platforms. Helpful for IT start-ups:The knowledge that you have is good and helpful for those who have just started up their business. You can help such businesses and earn as per the benefits you can provide to those companies through your core competencies. You also strengthen your core concepts of digital marketing and help business to grow multi-dimensionally.

Performance based earning :-

  • You start earning on the basis of how much you are time are you devoting to digital marketing. Unlike other professionals, you devote more time, money, energy and ending up with meagre earning. In the field of digital marketing, the rise in the sale and revenue is significant and fast. This way, you can earn fast as per the results that you have achieved. You get motivated to get associated more with these platforms as you know at the back of your mind that more contribution shall lead to good results resulting into increase in your earning.
  • Be a professional (at your choice time slots):When you chose digital marketing as your field of career, you are going towards a professional career that will give your returns within very short time. The economical gestation period is very low. You can earn immediately after the results that you provide to the companies. You earning totally depends on the strategies and tactics you are using for digital marketing. You can work as a free-lancer to any company, you can take up several projects simultaneously and you can also start your own business if you are pretty sure how can you market your products or services online.
  • Once you have decided to go for career options, think twice and select your alternative. Once you start with any career opportunities, you cannot restart. You need to identify your strength and weakness. Also you need to analyse the career option’s threats and opportunities. This will give you clear idea of what are the pros and cons. Try to take this decision by yourself. You can ask for suggestions from many individuals but always understand that don’t follow any body’s advice blindly. All comes on this Earth with different skill sets and different articulation. You need to identify your area of interest and pick up the one which you feel can make you reach at the point of Self-actualization in your field.
  1. Social Media Analyst
    Salary : 25k to 35k After 3 years
    of experience Designation- Social
    Media Manager salary 40k to 65k
  2. PPC Analyst
    Salary: 18k to 30k After 2 years of
    experience Designation – Sr. PPC
    Analyst Salary: 35k to 65k
  3. Digital Marketing Executive
    Salary: 20k to 35k After 3 years of
    experience Designation- Digital
    Marketing Manager Salary: 50k to 75k
  4. SEO Executive
    Salary: 21k to 30k After 3 years of
    experience Designation- Online
    Reputation Manager Salary: 30k to 50k
  5. Freelance digital Marketer
    Monthly earning with just 2-3
    projects: 40k to 75k monthly earning
    with just 4-5 projects: 1Lac to 1.5lacs



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