Top 10 Digital Marketing Certification you should have in 2019


To stay up with the latest advanced Digital Marketing Trends, it is critical to continue adopting new aptitudes.

There are lots of Digital Marketing Courses and Certification available for Digital Marketer who are hoping to excel with their own image in the regularly-evolving digital space.

To end up the best possibility for your next advanced showcasing work, Certification gives you an edge for enrollment specialists searching for ability.

Try not to fall behind on your advanced promoting abilities. Exploiting Digital Marketing Certification can be utilized to hone your abilities and guarantee the main contender for that new activity.

Everything checks when you are building your own image.

Here is the absolute best-showcasing Digital Marketing Certification you ought to investigate to enhance your validity and notoriety in Digital Marketing.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Certification

#1 Google Ads Fundamental Certification

This certification is very essential as until you have this certification google won’t allow you to give any other certifications. The assessment for this certificate is 1.5 hours long and this is the certification that would really help you in using Google ads for your respective business. You can give the exam again in 24 hours if you fail to clear the test.

#2 ATES – Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist

Amazon has been constantly making efforts to grow business all over the world, the motive behind Amazon Trained E-Commerce Specialist (ATES) is to help you with your daily business requirements. Amazon value your business and its requirement, to give you the personalized care and render services that are beneficial for your business to grow. They strive to provide expertised help and correct knowledge about the marketplace and the business community.
The certification is a 30 question test and you will have to score 23 out of 30 to get certified. The validity of the certificate is 1 year.

Modules Covered

  • Business Registration – This would register your business on with an Expert.
  • Brand Registry – They provide your brand authorisation and copyright for your business.
  • Category Approval – They ensure that your product is based according to your category and to get your product approved.
  • GTIN/EAN/ASIN Exemption – All products need to be GSTIN & ASIN approved to be listed on
  • Product Photoshoot – They click expertised pictures for your product that would help you get the viewers attention towards your product and enable you to make sales easier.
  • Market Analysis – They will provide you with business analysis so that you can use your strength to create a place in the market. It will also help you get a analytical review.
  • Product Pricing – They help you choose the right selling price for your product so that you don’t lose out on profit the analyze your products costing and all the other charges and choose the correct price for your product.
  • Sponsored Products – They will teach you how to sponsor your product or promote it and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your add.
  • Amazon Global Selling – You can sell products all over the world operating from India.
  • Product Listing – They provide a lot of attributes that are required for your product.

#3 Display Advertising Course

This is a free google certified course . It’s a very valuable certification which consist of 8 learning in detail chapters. It includes up to 1.5 hours of e-training. To get certified you have to clear 7 test papers , you will then be successfully display advertising certified. The course is only valid for a year.
In this certification, The assessment is made up of 100 questions. You will a time limit of 120 minutes to complete the assignment. To clear the test you will have to score at least 80 or 80 + to get certified.

#4 Hubspot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification

Each social media channel serves a different purpose and it is important to learn how to enable campaign effectively on each one. It also measure your target audience as that would tell you which media channel to use. Moreover, hubspot certification is very important and is free of cost. However, to appear for the course you will have to buy a paid hubspot subscription. When you certification is not valid any more you will get a sign saying expired. The time duration is about 13 to 25 months.


#5 Google Digital Unlocked Course

This is a free course on google, it’s a 26 module online based course. Further to that, you have to give a test of 40 question and if you clear it you get a certification by google which would add a lot a value to your resume. This certificate has a validity of life time hence this is an added advantage.

#6 HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

This is a content marketing based certification which is again free and is very important for those who are aiming to become content writers. This course includes everything you need to know about content marketing and will enhance your skills of writing content by the end of the course. You will have to understand there is a difference between inbound and content which you will in this course as they also teach how to market your content. This course is also valid 25 month , you will get your account to reinstate within 60 days.

#7 Bing Ads Accredited Professional Certification

This certification focuses on making you experts in marketing strategies; it enables you to design funnels that could lead to a much higher ROI as a matter of fact higher revenue would be generated for your business. I would strongly suggest you take this certification. This is also a free certification. You can conveniently pause the exam when needed. If you score more than 80 % you can get a lifetime membership for free.

#8 Google Ads Mobile

This is a very useful certificate as it would teach how to market your how to market your product, also to use a phone for up-selling and creating a space in the market. The exam duration is 1.5 hours and this certificate would very valuable to you in order to get a high paid job in digital marketing. The important detail is the fact that it’s free of cost. The validity is again for a year.

#9 Google Analytics Certification

This certification is an official certification by Google to acquire this certificate you will have to successfully clear the google analytic test that is part of this certification. Moreover this a free of cost certification which any individual could apply for, you don’t want to miss out on this certificate. The validity remains the same for this certificate too.

#10 Youtube Video Certification

This certification allows you to confidently upload, create content on youtube and further optimize it to earn money. There are 4 majors highlights of this certification, in addition, the certificates are given in 4 different modules.

  • Content Ownership
  • Asset Monetization
  • Channel Growth
  • Content Strategy


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