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Importance of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is very important in today’s world. The fact that through digital media people have grown their business to a next level with the use of digital marketing. Now is a chance for you to do the same.

In my earlier blog, I have mentioned techniques like marketing communication and etc you could you use to help your business grow. All the entrepreneurs who have had startups or been in the field of business since years now it’s the time to make a difference.

Increasing Revenue through Digital Marketing

Time is money, and this is especially regarding the ways of digital marketing. You’re reading this because you want to get the best return on your time and marketing budget. After all, it’s far too easy to blow up your marketing budget with all the different ways of digital marketing that just don’t seem to work. But still, your sales aren’t going up. And you feel it is marketing blame for let me give you a little e insight on that. Your blogging schedule slips. Your Facebook page lapses into obscurity. Your YouTube video views stop going up. You completely give up because you fail to create revenue. You’re ready to close up shop. Stop right there! This doesn’t have to be the case.

The Best Ways of Digital Marketing

If you’re really serious about your business, then stick around as I show you in the following blog how to discover the best ways of digital marketing for your business.  

But if you’re new to digital marketing, you might wonder if digital marketing really is better than traditional advertising. There is only one way to be sure of it just follow my lead. Keep your self-updated with my blogs.

Answers to the Questions

To begin with, we will have to ensure we know the answer to these three questions very simple yet the foundation of the perfect digital marketing plan.


  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the return on investment?
  • How much time does it take to see returns?


These questions require you to have depth knowledge of your business because only with the right stats or numbers you will be able to make the perfect strategy you need to raise your revenue.

Most Important: Website for your business

It all begins with your website. Likely the first thing you learned about digital marketing is the importance of having a website. Your website is the face of your brand also its link between consumers and your product hence it has to be very appealing and attractive to catch the viewers’ attention towards your website.


Unfortunately, there’s no cut and dry answer to that question.  We all have mobiles phones so let’s utilize them. However, there is no correct cost for online marketing activity the only way to determine the right cost is to first determine what outcome you need from the website. And there should be a good reason for that too. I would highly recommend business owners use WordPress. WordPress offers greater flexibility with more options.

I would suggest you read yourself these two questions in order to make the right decision

  1. How much does website design cost for WordPress websites?
  2. How much does website design cost for drag and drop websites?


Last but not least is ROI (Return of Investment). This is how much you should expect based on your amount invested which wills you get you to a breakeven point in your business. Website design ROI is hard to measure because it’s connected to all the other ways of digital marketing. But we can’t overstate how important it is to your bottom line. Products and services play an essential role in ROI

Social Media: Also for Entrepreneurs

Maybe you’re a person who has never used social media before. Maybe you always thought that social media is pointless for you. One of the best parts about social media is that it’s cheap to get started, you can easily utilize your mobile for mobile marketing and also a mobile app. Creating standard accounts on the most popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is free. I am guessing all of you reading the blog would already have a social media account on your respective mobile devices. But if you want to take your social media marketing aggressively and take your campaign to the next level, there are also paid options. This would help you promote and connect to a much larger audience.


Landing Page?

In simple terms, a landing page is any webpage that serves as the entry point to a website. It can be a blog post page, an advertisement page, a site pop-up, or whatever you choose it to be. The landing page is created in order to attract leads and customers for your brand by offering them an overview of what you would provide. A landing page is the basics of a marketing campaign.

Ensure that your landing page doesn’t have any large-sized image, videos, gif because that is the key reason why a landing page might load slows. To optimize your landing page, it’s important that you regularly check the speed of the landing page’s loading time. The best way is to go to the landing page through different servers at different times of the week.


Look around you, there are so many search engines or also called social networks. How many people can you see with smartphones in their hands? Yes, more than half of the internet population surf the internet on their phones. In fact, even Google has rolled out a mobile-specific algorithm that ranks websites based on the mobile browsing frequency and is totally different from desktop ranking. It is very important we work on the lines of those algorithms and make sure our landing page and website works well on the mobile view as well. Your landing page should be well optimized for mobile phone users. Use an interface that automatically generates a mobile-friendly landing page while creating a desktop version.

Google Adwords

 This also has a very large scale of response and is very beneficial to your business. The Adwords program includes local, national, and international distribution. Google’s text advertisements are short, consisting of two headlines with a maximum of 30 characters each, a description with a maximum of 80 characters, and a display URL of 40 characters. These are called Adwords expanded text Ads. These mimic what the average search result looks like on Google. Google announced it’s reformatting of ads to help consumers and advertisers succeed in a mobile-first world.

Case Study

We have been meeting a lot of entrepreneurs out there who want to gain the right knowledge about digital marketing activity, trends and techniques however they are too busy with their ongoing business henceforth they require a crash course which would give them just the targeted detail for their business moreover ensure the growth of their business. I’ll be talking about just the right course you have waited for. 

About ASDM – Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing

Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing is well established reputed Digital Marketing Institute based in Ahmedabad. The digital marketing institute was established in 2012 and has been delivering the best since then. They provide a course with extreme details of marketing automation. We have trained more than 1000+ students and placed them in top brands. The institution has strong leadership and provides a clear vision and direction to every committed team of professionals. Over the last few months, Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing has been encouraging professionals to think differently and independently with our strategy module descriptor based course curriculum. They ensure 100% job openings after the completion of the course.

About the Trainer – Mr. Love Tyagi

Mr. Love Tyagi is the head trainer of ASDM and has trained over 10,000+ students. Our motive is to create young entrepreneurs. We have consulted 500+ businesses with over 100 companies associated with ASDM.
It’s a delight to confirm 3500+ success stories. He has been teaching students for over a good period of time. He also consults clients for the digital marketing of their business.
He is the founder of one of the leading Digital Marketing Institute – Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing.

2 Days Advanced Digital Marketing Workshop

This workshop is a blessing for all the start-ups, business entrepreneurs. Why? To start with it’s only a 2-day workshop which would ensure you don’t have to devote much time. Yet create excellence with us by just enrolling to the workshop which is 100% practical and covers the entire business module of digital marketing. The workshop is from 10-5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. We ensure you get all the information you need to expand your business at a digital platform through this Digital Marketing workshop. Moreover, if you ever need any kind of guidance you can always come and solve it at the institute. Once you have been enrolled with ASDM it’s always open for your queries. The certified teacher “ Mr. Love Tyagi” would ensure you work on your own live project and will teach you tactics based on your business type and it’s a requirement.

Why Should You Attend This Workshop


  • Lead Generation Technic
  • Brand Analysis In Detail
  • 100% Live Training
  • Increase Your Market Reach
  • Techniques To Improve Online Ranking
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • 2018 Killer Digital Marketing Techniques
  • Get Digital Marketing Video Lessons
  • Certification Of Workshop
  • Audience Analysis
  • Competitor Benchmarking


Who Should Attend?

  • CEO
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals




– Social Media Marketing

– Google Adwords

– Content Marketing

– Email Marketing

– Lead Generation for Business

– Freelancing Training

an immense pleasure to herewith tell you about the top companies that have associated with us for the 2-day advance digital marketing workshop. What are you waiting for? Come connect with ASDM for the right push your business needs.


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