Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities in India


Digital Marketing is transforming rapidly and so are the Digital Marketing Jobs & Career Opportunities. The market is growing day by day. Now is the right time to make your career in digital marketing. Earlier till 2012 most of the entrepreneurs and top companies denied to use digital marketing as a practice for their business and instead use old traditional ways of marketing. But now they have changed and are hiring digital marketers.

Although traditional methods like ads in newspapers, Television or magazine can sometimes be expensive and it does not always ensure a good result. It is a very difficult task to estimate its effectiveness. Instead of being so dependable I’d suggest we should focus on how we could do the same over the Internet. Online Marketing can get a tremendous amount of traffic to the business and also ensure new visitors with a cost much less than what we use in traditional marketing like magazines and newspapers.

In fact, the market around us has put so much emphasis on digital marketing. All the entrepreneurs are bound to have a digital marketing strategy also, more importantly, a presence on the online web. The only way to compete with your competitors is to digitize your business.

In recent times, both big as well as emerging organizations have started to shift their focus on improving their strategies using digital marketing medium. And this is no mystery that the results they got after executing their digital marketing strategies have been quite exceptional. One cannot deny that there is an advantage that this digital way of marketing can give to companies, organizations and at the same time enable them to grow.



There is an equal opportunity for all kinds of companies whether big or small. Those days are gone when only the companies having more wealth were able to advertise as the traditional medium of marketing is expensive. This is the big influence of Digital Marketing on businesses that lesser investment is enough to obtain more rewards. For smaller companies, there are numerous digital tools which they can use to be considered in the same criterion as bigger organizations. Considering all the developments that the marketing sector has made, there is an increase in demand for jobs as far as digital marketing is concerned.

You have an option of investing large masses of money in the traditional methods of marketing but efficiency is ensured even when you practice Online Marketing at much less price. The modern way of Marketing enables you to assess the traffic that your website gets which, at the same, time allows you to re-create the strategies accordingly.

In this blog, I am going to analyze for you all the job opportunities you can open through digital marketing. For all the people who are seeking jobs in the same here is a list of positions you can apply for.

  • SEO Executives
  • Inbound Marketing Managers
  • Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Content Marketing Manager

The job orientation role is not always the same, this is the generic format some organizations or companies follow a different flow of deciding design

Digital Marketing Manager


To be applicable for this position you would need a lot of management and leadership skills. It is very important to lead your teams so that the end motive of generating higher revenue is possible. At least a minimum of 5 years experience is needed to apply for this designation.


You don’t really need an MBA degree for this position, to be honest. All you need is a focused work and determination to climb the graph till the digital marketing manager

You can expect up to a minimum of 15 – 20 lakhs annually however it varies from one organization to another it could increase or probably be less than the above amount in some cases.


content Marketing Managers

Content marketing managers play a very essential role in any organization as every digital marketing strategy is not complete without having an aspect of content in it.  

The job orientation for content marketing managers is to manage the blogs, the post copy, sales page content campaign content, email conversations and a little of guest blogging at sometimes. More often it is also your responsibility to maintain and supervise the work of your fellow colleagues as in most companies you will have bloggers who work under you.

There are a lot of bloggers who also report to companies online also knows a freelancing. Even with freelancing projects, you can earn up to 30 – 40 K which is work from home so you could do another job in the meanwhile.

You can expect up to 15 – 20 lakhs of pay annually as a content marketing manager which again as mentioned above varies based on your company and city.


Inbound Marketing Manager

A lot of organizations don’t require or have a vacancy for inbound digital marketers as the job orientation is a lot similar to of a content manager. It has a lot of competition as there are not as many vacancies compared to all the other digital marketing designations.

The job role is to manage the funnel and the tactics for lead generation. In simpler words create strategies that he could use for the business development. Which as I said connects with the content marketer as their job is to execute that strategy into play so that revenue generation and brand awareness works simultaneously.

The average package for an inbound marketing manager would be about 2-3 lakhs depending on the city and company.

Social Media Marketing Managers

Social media is something we all have been utilizing since a very long time but it’s important to acknowledge you could make money out of it. Most of the social media experts prefer freelancing project to manage multiple accounts.


This is one of the most growing aspects of digital marketing. Most of the jobs associate their content marketers to run the paid advertisements on Facebook and social media however some could also look for hiring just Social media managers. This is something you should really focus on to learn as you could freelance with your jobs too.


SEO Executives

SEO, as I mentioned in my earlier blogs, is very important for your website in fact for your business. It brings a lot of presence to your business as people start connecting to your brand in many ways also bring exposure to your company.

Search engine optimization has two parts off page and on page. It is very important to expertise in both the skills in order to qualify for a job interview as an SEO executive. The essential job role is to organize backlinks and also ensure that the content, images, videos, blogs etc are marketed properly and google crawls new updates you make on your website. We would recommend you to stay updated with new Google algorithms in order to complete a successful SEO strategy. Man successful digital marketing institute providing this kind of profile placement with handsome salary package like Best Digital Marketing institute in Ahmedabad

The salary packages are quite high when it’s compared to inbound marketing. It revolves around 5-6 lakhs annually.


How are we changing life since 2012?

We have been promising a brighter future since 2012, this is because we provide 100 % job placement. We help you promote your business. We want to bring awareness about the benefits you could use being an entrepreneur. It has wide doors opening for you through digital marketing in 2019. It is very important to adapt to the new culture or era that has begun. People have become so dependent on technology and the social web around is expanding so rapidly it is hard to catch the pace of it. The way you could do this is through being experts in digital marketing. Yes ! you are on the correct blog trail. We are going to tell you about the courses, the latest trends, skills a digital marketer must know about I order to success in 2019.


Career Opportunities for Job Professional

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  2 Months Advanced Digital Marketing Program

This is the course that I mentioned, yes this is just the course for you. We strive to teach you all aspects of digital marketing in the duration of 2 – 3 months. It is our constant endeavor to make you ready for the corporate world. We also teach you techniques and cheats to qualify interviews. It is a detailed program about all the skills you need to get a good package even as freshers in today’s world.


PDADM – Professional Diploma in Advanced Digital Marketing


All the students who are confused about their career and wondering what to choose? We would recommend to come and take your career counseling with us. All you have to do is join PADAM. This a tailor-made perfect course for all those who have completed 12th and are still not so certain about putting 5 years in a college degree and want to explore their digital skills with marketing to build their careers. We provide detailed learning also practical training for all aspects. You could gain an annual package of up to 3-5 lakhs. We are giving 100% placement to everyone after the completion of the course. Also, this course duration of 8 months also includes 6 months of certified and paid internship guaranteed to everyone that is enrolled with us. Our trainers are highly qualified and experts in Digital Marketing

    • 100% Placement Guaranteed
    • Diploma Certification from Calorx Teachers University (Recognized by UGC, Govt. of India) and Eduqual(UK)
    • 15+ Global Certifications
    • Highly Adopted International Premium Tools Training
    • An Industry-Validated Academic Course Module
    • freelancing Projects to Participants up to Rs.50,000/-
    • Average Package – 3.0 L.p.a
    • Learn from Expert Digital Marketing Leaders



To conclude my blog, I state that there is a sample of career opportunities with digital marketing in the forthcoming future. If you are thinking to enroll with a digital marketing field feel free to contact us for more details on which course and the right advise to do so. We also provide counseling for your businesses. We strive to create brighter futures for each individual.

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