Top 7 Killer Email Marketing Strategies 2019


Email marketing is one of the most successfully used campaigns all around the world. Trends would always end up changing but rest assured email marketing is going to continue today, tomorrow, till the end of the new beginning.

Email marketing is one of the most consistent and leading techniques in generating leads to converting them in the form of revenue. Every individual marketer who is now digitised understands the importance of saving money and enduring more promising results by having a minimal cost.

It is hard to solicit innovative ideas for the same. Over time campaigns become repetitive and the content turns out to be irrelevant and the graph of conversion rapidly drops. In addition to that, we are now going to round up the top 7 killer ideas for rejuvenating your email marketing strategy.

#1 Video content

The latest research and studies show that those who use video content have a higher conversion rate compared to those who don’t, this would also increase your user interface and make your email campaign more interesting.

#2 Must Have GIFs

Emails turn out to be boring at times henceforth it is important to enhance them by using visual appearance such as GIF. Making a GIF is not that hard of a task. This is one of the most effective email marketing tips that we also use in our campaigns. GIF could also be used as your email signature.

#3 Make the Email Personalised

It is a trend everyone is associating within this era, yes! we are talking about personalizing everything may it be a phone cover, website, contact number, visiting card and many more. Why not Email Marketing Campaigns, moreover personalizing email marketing campaigns is a lot easier all you have to do it maybe change the subtext or bold/italics the offer that your promoting. These small changes even to a certain degree could create a lot of emphases.

#4 Include Transactional Details

This is not the most interesting part of email marketing but adding details about making a transaction or payment methods impact the conversion and revenue generation. Wondering why? The simple logic behind the same is the fact that you add an action button as we do on Facebook and other campaigns. The different transaction methods lead them to easily choose the one feasible and pay the registration amount.

#5 Provide Social Proof

The most emphasis technique is none other than influence marketing because if you can spread a word of mouth trust us you can possibly sell anything and everything. Social proof revolves around testimonials, happy images, satisfied comments.  You can always incorporate this in your email campaigns.

#6 Initiate Habits

All the leading brands focus on creating habits that you will tend to follow on a weekly basis perhaps daily. A major example is how Netflix works it will make you want for new episodes you will wait for that email that talks about the upcoming season you can do for your products or the services that you render. You could use teasers or trailers to create this effect in your email marketing campaigns.

#7  Play with Different Images

It is very difficult to acknowledge the right image. The best way to do is trial and error, all the recommendations suggest you send a different image with your email campaign probably for the same promotion yet different images but make sure not at the same time. When you manage your conversion graph you would sooner realize which image is the correct one for your particular campaign.


To conclude the blog, we would suggest you to gradually start utilizing each method for a much more successful Email Marketing Campaign. The same methods have relative benefits based on your requirements. Thank you for such a heartwarming attraction to our previous blogs. Stay tuned with the best digital marketing institute in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad School Of Digital Marketing.

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