How You can Earn Money Through Blogging in 2019


How does blog make money? How much money can I make through blogging? There are many such question we all have every time when we write a blog. In this blog we have mentioned all the ways you could use to earn money through your blog.

1: Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Adsense is something that Google provides and allows you to put ads on your site. People put Adsense on their site to show ads and when every time readers click on it you will make money.

for that, you just have to place a few lines of codes and if you are using WordPress you can use a WordPress plugin. All you need to do is write and drive traffic to your blog

2: Affiliated Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate programs are where you promote a product or service and you get paid every time you drive a sale there’s a lot of networks out there that have affiliate offers. Affiliate Marketing is one of the very commonly used techniques in Digital Marketing. Generating revenue can be eased if you use affiliate marketing to promote your blog content.

All you have to do is mention a offer on your blog and every time they generate sales you get paid for it. It is very important that the content you write on your blog is very efficient and relevant to the offer you are promoting on your blog. You can learn advanced blogging techniques from India’s top Digital Marketing institute

3: Sell your Own space

Sell your own space

What do I mean by sell your own space? Own space is when you exclude paying the middle man which in this situation is google . How will you do that? You can directly connect to people who would want to buy your ad space and that way you will save paying google and increase your margin of revenue.

A lot of people are going to deny it however if you get a few people to buy your ad space. Despite the less number of people buying your ad space you will earn a lot of money by saving the middleman fee that you would have pay google . I would really recommend you use this technique to monetize your blog  and generate revenue for yourself.

4: Sell your E -Books

Sell ebook

What is a Ebook? It’s a electronic form of a book which has text , images , content that you could go through on your devices it self. This has many benefits as it’s easy to utilise , does not take up space , you don’t have carry it. It can be easily opened from your devices. Moreover this is one of the ways that could really generate a lot of revenue for you.

This would add value to the blog , below your blog you can add a Ebook link. The content in your blog should be revolving around the E-Book this would put emphasis in addition help you persuade your audience to buy.

5: Sell Physical Product

This is a technique that would really help bring awareness for your product or for the services you render.  You can sell products that you write a blog about.

This way people after reading your blogs will get persuaded to buy your product. You can earn revenue through selling your products this way you can utilize your blogs and monetize them.  You can earn a lot of money through doing this , a company Legion athletics’ they have a blog all about fitness and they sell physical products protein supplements vitamins and you know what they do generate revenue because of their blog traffic it’s super effective as long as you’re creating amazing product that people want to buy.

These blogs that you write would also get your product a wider reach. The beneficial part is that the more reach you get on these blogs the more products you will be liable to sell. The fact that these are your products you won’t have to pay anyone commision and you could increase the margin in other words upsell.


The techniques that are mentioned above could really help you monetize your blogs and generate revenue if you follow these technique

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