Must read Article – A journey from Poverty to Prosperity Tale of James Smith – from rags to riches!


87 Lakhs rupees to pay within an hour, 79 missed calls, 14 people asking for money and only one person to answer all concerns. Standing on the side of a bridge, James Smith was recalling all the good moments of his life. Childhood spend with joy, his parents every ready to help him whenever he needed, his sister’s benevolence and his girlfriend who always used to be with him in all times. There was stress on one side of his mind and joy of euphoria on the other side. Having started his business 2 years ago, he has taken many risks. Despite having no hope of growth in his business he kept on sinking in and in and finally the water was above the nose. Suicide was the only option.


5 years later, the town of Ahmedabad was as busy as it was ever. The city was filled with all almost new things. People were same perhaps, but the style was different. In most of the office, 80 percent of the office staff was changed. Those who did not change their job were either the victims of innovation-phobia or rigidity to change. Almost all the shops and streets look was different. People generally say you know, ‘old wine in a new bottle!’ the situation here was exactly the same.


It was the time when Forbes-India was supposed to publish an article for the innovations in the last decade. It spoke about the new business, new model of business operations and some interesting case studies of the most successful entrepreneurs. It said that it would publish an exclusive list of top 5 riches entrepreneurs of the town. The list was out. Most of the people were curious to know the list. Most of it, people were eager to know the richest entrepreneur. And yes, it was none other than James Smith.


The interview of James Smith was set in Thakorbhai Desai Hall near Law Garden. Many of the interested people visited the hall to hear to what he has to speak about his success story. How did he change his life and how did he became the richest entrepreneur of the town? Was it a miracle? Was it a dramatic transformation or did he choose any shortest way to meet this enigma? Questions were many, answers were awaited.


Interviewer: “Sir, what is the reason, what made you so successful in the past years? What is the secret?

Everyone was anxious to listen to the voice of the most demanded person of the town. Children, entrepreneurs, women, students all gave a complete sense of silence for James to answer. Now it was James’ turn to speak.”


James: “In fact, success and money are two by-products. I never worked for that. I have been working in business for last 10 years, but last few years changed my life. I did not change anything majorly, it is just a system.”


Interviewer: “Ohkay, you mean it was just a minor change that brought a massive difference?”


James: “Yes.”


Interviewer: “Well, let me very frank and ask you a straight question. We want to know what stopped you to commit suicide Sir.”



“ Infact, it was just a co-incidence that I was just on the verge of ending myself and a message came tinkling on my phone. When I read it, it said the following,


 Are you actually serious about your business, if yes, call us. We shall help you increase your business productivity and profitability. Don’t let this opportunity go away!


This message changed everything. Suddenly a heaven sent though came in my mind, let me look in to the matter and check whether it really helps me.


I went to that consultancy company, who sent me this message. It was a marketing agency. They asked me about my business and everything. I met a person, who was the owner of marketing consultancy firm and he assured me he would help me.

The secret of my turning out to be so innovative is Digital marketing.

 Interviewer: “Oh that sounds so fanatical. What do you mean by digital marketing?


“Digital marketing is promoting your business online. Many of the business man do physical marketing or traditional marketing. This is a substitute for all old ways of branding and selling preposition.”

Interviewer: “That means you did this digital marketing and got your business scale up, right?”


“Yeah. It is branding about your products or services on various social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, linkedin, youtube etc. It is about branding your offerings to your targeted customers, and making them know about your services.”


Interviewer: “But, this would be very expensive right? Any advertisement made by big corporate are nothing less than 5 lakhs minimum per year. How can we deal with companies who have financial crisis? Or company who are just a start up?”




“Well, this is the most interesting thing about digital marketing. It can be done with a minimum budget starting from Rs. 500 to Rs. 5000. I think this is affordable. I started my advertisement campaign with just Rs. 500/- and I got leads through this online marketing campaign. I converted the leads and earned and from that earning, I spend another Rs.1000/- for next marketing campaign. Trust me, it worked magically.”


Interviewer: “You mean to say that digital marketing can help your business to grow right?”


James: |Yes, but it has to be judicious. There are many digital marketing institutes in Ahmedabad that trains candidates for advanced digital marketing program. But not all are able to deliver the best. A program that gives you the best practical training and gives you the real time strategies will help you understanding the techniques to grow your business revenues.


James: “What do you mean by best digital marketing program?”




A best digital marketing program may be on an average 120 hours program that includes 100% live project as well as practical training. It must run the training on the basis of real time case studies. 10 year old company case study will not help. The best digital marketing training program must include various certifications like Google Adwords, Hubspot, Facebook authenticated etc. There mustbe a batch of 10 students and the institute must provide 100% placement to the students and must provide post program assistance to entrepreneurs and working professionals.


Interviewer: “Well, this information was indeed very significant. But can you tell me what did you pay attention while running digital marketing campaign for your business?”



Certainly. There are 5 main things one has to remember while running any digital marketing campaign for your business.


  1. Content: Your content is your power. If you are reading this article right now, it is nothing but just a power of content! It has to be high quality, informative and yet easy to understand content.
  2. Method of outreach: the way how you engage your target audience and make them feel amiable is the most important. The outreach method will directly affect your impressions, clicks and conversions. The method has to be wisely planned and executed as per the nature, size and offerings of the business.
  3. Advertising: please remember that advertisement can never be a onetime activity. Most people believe that advertisement posted twice or thrice will increase the profitability promptly. But it is not so. Social platforms are very complicated to navigate and find your actual customers.
  4. Connections: The ongoing education and social connectivity is the most important aspect. Keep your followers engaged with you and let the know about your services again and again with each different tactics. Don’t bore your followers with the same details.
  5. Statistics: The statistics play a very important role in any advertisement campaigns. The secret of digital marketing lies in understanding the data, analyzing it and set your advertising accordingly. If at the end of 6 months, if your online marketing is not leading to favorable outcomes, you will certainly not like to go further spending money. A judicious and pragmatic data study will help you target your real customers and can lead to dramatic results.


Interviewer: “Oh, you mean these five points shall make one do online advertising campaign easy and dramatic. Thank you so very much for sharing this important thing. But, there are many people who are looking at your campaigns online. How can one classify such diversified demographics?”



The most important thing is to understand what people do actually. In US, over 41% of websites uses chat box facilities to communicate with the visitors. In UK, 93% of the major business decisions are taken from the data available on the pages and other research conclusions.  Let’s understand the weight-age of the overall statistics.


  • 36% of visitor on social media are attracted by testimonials and users’ reviews
  • 18% of people who visit on social media sites are impressed by color, theme and aesthetics on the social media brand pages.


  • 15% of the visitors buy product/service online on the third visit


  • 13% of the visitors read the content/information twice before filling their personal details


  • 9% people do not trust on the offerings put on social media platforms


  • 6% people visit the head office/shop or the place where the offerings are sold actually.


  • 3% people buying products cannot be determined as they have multiple miscellaneous parameters to buy or show interest on products online


“It means these statistics are very important. These things are rare for anyone to obtain. In fact most of the people do advertising unknowing about the facts that you have shared. This was brilliant. As per what you are saying now, I believe, spending money on advertising is not important, spending after knowing the facts and figures is more sensible.”


“True, there are many interesting facts to know before you start your online digital marketing campaign. You must be surprised to know that 70% of the consumers have seen a product in store/shop or a mall and then they make the final purchase online. 67% of the visitors on social media platforms have never experienced any issues buying online and 17% of the visitors who want to buy products online feels that delivery charges are too expensive!

Figures are such a magical web of potential, if you can unchain it, you take no time to grow your business limitless.”


“Ah! That’s so correct. You mean to say that data are the real king!?”


“ Yes, one who is a good data interpreter, one who can understand the statistics properly and can analyze the data logically, will have least risks in any business as compared to one who plays a blind game. It is not about intelligence, or not even about capital availability. It will all about logical and reasoning aptitude.

Let’s keep only this much for today; I want my followers and listeners to practice these tactics first. There are many other important things to share, but will do it as and when I feel it necessary. “

Interviewer: “Well, Mr. James, there are many questions and surprises, but as you said, lets wind up for the dat. Thank you for enlightening us with this unique idea of doing marketing in a different fashion. Most of us have understood the importance of digital marketing and I am sure most of the readers would like it and surely they would pay attention to the points that you have mentioned.


87 lakh people to know his success, 79 awards and accolades, 14 houses of his own and only one person to enjoy all achievements. The life was changed. James came in his new Mercedes and started to talk about his experiences and troubles that he has passed through. He was looking very confident, was very active and was actually looking like a big-shot personality. His blazer gave a sense of professionalism. His personality was like a business tycoon. Everybody praised about him.


James has changed his life like anything through advanced digital marketing skills.  He has become the most successful business man now and now is happy to share the business secrets turn by turn as and when asked.


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