Why you should not miss ASDM’s 2 Days Advanced Digital Marketing Workshop happening in Surat?


Surat is one of the leading business city in 2019. The market is developing on a daily basis. The market growth is tremendous compared to in the last few years. The diamond industry, the textile industries, and many other industries have a very good scope in Surat.

Marketing Plays a very important role in every business. Every business owner wants more results in less expense and here Digital Marketing Come in to picture.

Through Digital Marketing, an organization can target People who are interested in your product and services and with less budget in they can get a better result.

How can a business increase its potential to change its sales and revenue statistics magically?

The constant brainstorming and deliberate intensive questioning actually gave birth to ASDM

Digital Marketing Workshop in Surat

Digital Marketing is booming like never before, it has become essential for all the entrepreneurs around the globe. The fact that surat is expanding its businesses at a very high rate. We thought bringing awareness of digital marketing is the right step towards the progress of each individual in Surat and at a larger scale for India.

The opportunities we can deliver to you are amazing. All you have to do is stay tuned with Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing. We promise you a brighter future to all those that are associated with us or are willing to after this blog.

What is Digital marketing?

Digital Marketing is Way to promote your product and services through Online Platform.

An effective digital marketing strategy combined with the right tools and technologies allows you to trace all of your sales back to a customer’s first digital touchpoint with your business.

It allows you to identify trends in the way people research and buy your product, helping you to make more informed decisions about what parts of your marketing strategy deserve more attention, and what parts of your sales cycle need refining.

Through digital marketing, it can often feel like you’re able to see results much faster than you might with offline marketing due to the fact it’s easier. However, it ultimately depends on the scale and effectiveness of your digital marketing strategy.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • If you spend time building comprehensive buyer personas to identify the needs of your audience, and you focus on creating quality online content to attract and convert them, then you’re likely to see strong results within the first six months.
  • As with anything, it really depends on what elements of digital marketing you’re looking to add to your strategy. If you’re focusing on inbound techniques like SEO, social media, and content creation for a pre-existing website, the good news is you don’t need very much budget at all.
  • Inbound marketing, the main focus is on creating high-quality content that your audience will want to consume, which unless you’re planning to outsource the work, the only investment you’ll need is your time.
  • outbound techniques like online advertising and purchasing email lists, there is undoubtedly some expense. What it costs comes down to what kind of visibility you want to receive as a result of the advertising.

Depending on the competitiveness of the keyword, this can be reasonably affordable, or extremely expensive, which is why it’s a good idea to focus on building your organic reach, too.

Another aspect of digital marketing is mobile marketing. In fact, smartphone usage as a whole account for 69% of time spent consuming digital media in the U.S., while desktop-based digital media consumption makes up less than half — and the U.S. still isn’t mobile’s biggest fan compared to other countries.

This means it’s essential to optimize your digital ads, web pages, social media images, and other digital assets for mobile devices. Those engaging with your company online via mobile devices need to have the same positive experience as they would on the desktop.

This means implementing a mobile-friendly or responsive website design to make browsing user-friendly for those on mobile devices. It might also mean reducing the length of your lead generation forms to create a hassle-free experience for people downloading your content on-the-go.

As for your social media images, it’s important to always have a mobile user in mind when creating them as image dimensions are smaller on mobile devices.

There are lots of ways you can optimize your digital marketing assets for mobile users, you’ll be creating digital experiences that work for your audience, and consequently achieve the results you’re hoping for.


Modules Cover in 2 Days Advance Digital Marketing Workshop

 We are providing in detail practical Training on

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Google Adwords
  4. Amazon E-commerce Training

Participants Takeaway

  • Digital Marketing Materials
  • Amazon and ASDM Certificates
  • Video Lesson of the module

Why you should you not miss this Digital Marketing workshop in Surat

The only reason we would suggest you to attend this workshop is that this is very beneficial to you as it is happening in your city. This a 100 % practical workshop tailored to your brighter future.

About ASDM

We have trained over 10,000+ students. Our motive is to create young entrepreneurs. We have consulted 500+ businesses with over 100 companies associated with ASDM.

It’s a delight to confirm 3500+ success stories. I have been teaching students for over a good period of time. I also consult clients for digital marketing of their business.

I am going to be featuring 5 new concepts,

  • Online Training – This includes course material, modules, video resources etc.
  • Classroom Training – This would consist of 3 courses

Also brings me great pleasure to announce that we will soon be opening our new institute in Surat. We have just one goal that is too make our students expertise in Digital Marketing. We wish to create excellence and lead them to the path of success. We have had a beautiful journey so far, soon we will ensure every student in a different part of India would have a chance to be part of ASDM (Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing)

For the people not associated with ASDM yet and feel are not so sure of it. We will be posting blogs every day to create awareness of Digital Marketing: The modern way of persuading consumers to buy your product. Let’s stay updated with the world and change our old techniques to better, more convincing and easier methods.

About Trainer

Mr. Love Tyagi has trained over 10,000+ students. Our motive is to create young entrepreneurs. We have consulted 500+ businesses with over 100 companies associated with ASDM.

It’s a delight to confirm 3500+ success stories. I have been teaching students for over a good period of time. I also consult clients for digital marketing of their business.

He is the founder of one of the leading Digital Marketing Institute – Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing. Their institute has a wide presence across their city.


In conclusion, I would like to summarise my blog my putting emphasis on all those reading this blog to attend this 2-day workshop. This could open new doors to your lives. All you have to do is call or register with us and our executive would shortly contact you regarding the same.

Hurry! Only 5 days to go, few seats remaining grab this offer right away.

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